our green commitment

green commitment

we are involved in an eco-friendly, sustainable development policy. We appreciate that many of our customers favour a 'green' approach to their art and want to offer them as many options and solutions as possible to help them be kinder to the environment.

Here are some actions we have taken and maintain as part of a 'green' policy:

sustainable production

we are committed to the application of sustainable production standards throughout our operations. This means adherence to social standards, worker protection and the security regulations in the production country. We believe that sustainable production helps to preserve the natural foundations of life for the next generation.

optimisation of our logistics

Our logistics is equipped with a computerised system which calculates the appropriate packaging for your order.  This has allowed us to reduce cardboard consumption by 20%, whilst still providing your purchases with optimal protection during transit.

use of recyclable materials

All the packaging used for our mail order parcels, from the outer cardboard boxes to the packing materials used inside to protect fragile items are 100% recyclable.

use of renewable energy sources

during 2020 we have installed photovoltaics to be able to generate more than 90% of our own power requirements in order to help reduce our carbon footprint

developing  eco-friendly products

we favour an eco-friendly credential and on that matter, we have developed eco-friendly solvents such as brush cleaners with biodegradable compositions to be kind to the environment