The classic 'Creature Paint Set' with nine bottles of paint (#10-18)

Inspired by the classic paint range of 1988! An oldhammer favourite! Bottled in the old style flip-top 20ml pot!

After an extensive research and numerous trial and error tests, we have managed to replicate those so missed paints of our childhood.

Perfect for reliving those great times. At least 99% colour matching compared to the original 1988 release paints. We have even matched the pots, the smell, feel and consistency of the original line.

The Creature paint set consists of the following paints:

#10 - Swamp Brown

#11 - Rotting Flesh

#12 - Orc Brown

#13 - Hobgoblin Orange

#14 - Elf Grey

#15 - Spearstaff Brown

#16 - Worm Purple

#17 - Goblin Green

#18 - Chainmail

"These paints and inks are specially designed for painting metal and plastic miniatures. All colours are fully intermixable, enabling the discerning artist to render that just right shade of Goblin snot or Troll dribble. The paints contain more pigment and less medium compared to other, inferior paints, giving denser coverage, better mixability and superb value for money. The paint is water-based and non-toxic, so brushes and palettes can be cleaned with water. And, most importantly, it doesn't smell like a snotling's loincloth, which is more than can be said about some of the trolls of the mail order department..." circa 1988

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nostalgia '88 Creature Paint Set - 9 bottles

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